Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Catching Up With Life!

Lots of daily life things have also happened over the last few weeks, so I think its time for a bit of catching up!
Here are some of the things Hannah ( and we) have been up to.

Out for dinner for Uncle Darren's birthday.

Family dinner cooked by Hannah

Bunny loving!

Night time garden wildlife spotting.

Many hours of pool time fun. I have even been pursuaded in a few time despite the less than tropical water temperature!

Hannah has been trying out some new, fun looks.

Sports Day - Home school style.

Hannah took part in the home school sports day and was really pleased to get some certificates.

And yesterday she went back to her riding lessons after a few weeks of being away. She was so pleased to see her riding instructor, and all the ponies, and had a lovely time.

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