Sunday, 18 September 2016

This Week - Mostly Horse Related!

We had friends over on Monday. There was much dressing up in disguises (i wish I had taken pictures, they were very inventive).
Hannah had an eye test in the afternoon and found that she needs distance glasses, so she will be getting those soon.

She did a morning at the stables on Tuesday with her friends Izzy and Anna. They groomed, rode, bathed ponies and turned them out. Hannah had a brilliant time, she loves her time at the stables!

On Wednesday Hannah went to drama at The Kings Theatre. First time at drama for a few months and it was a big success. We went out for lunch afterwards and visited Dean at work.

Thursday morning was Titchfield classes. English was good, Hannah wrote an information leaflet about horses. Biology was good, she dissected an onion and examined the cells under a microscope. They are learning about cells at the moment which she found really interesting.  Maths was not quite so good as she struggled to see the white board. Hopefully this will be rectified by the new glasses. We ran over the lesson at home though, so all was well.

Friday was a home day for catching up on day to day things, bringing us to yesterday and more time at the stables. 

Hannah riding Murphy

Hannah riding Maisie (or Maisy - I should really find out!)

Her riding lessons have been going really well and she is much more confident and has improved such a lot. It's actually had a big impact on her life as a whole, the anxiety and worry are gone and she is much more relaxed and happy. Finding the right stables and the right teacher has made all the difference and I am so grateful for that.

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