Thursday, 2 March 2017

The last two Weeks

Busy, busy couple of weeks for Hannah!

Last week was half term, so we had lots of play dates. Our friends came over from Pulborough for a day. It was lovely to see them and the girls had a brilliant time with the American Girl dolls. They also have ponies, so there was lots of horse talk between the girls.
Then some more friends came over for a catch up, and we made plans for Hannah and her friend Melissa to do some studying together as both girls were keen.
Hannah also rode on Tuesday

and spent Saturday at the stables as usual.
A really blurry picture, but I love it!

During last week I mentioned to a friend that we were looking for a part loan pony, and she offered Hannah the pony Hannah used to ride when she was 5! So, on Monday we went over to visit and Hannah helped out in the yard and reunited with Cracker and his friends.

This is 5 year old Hannah riding Cracker

Bringing Alfie in from the field

On Tuesday Hannah was back at the stables for a riding lesson,

and then yesterday her friend Faye came over. They had so much fun playing on the Wii, and catching up - they hadn't seen each other for ages and really made up for lost time!

Today Hannah and Melissa had a study morning,

and then we all went to Flipout for home ed trampolining. Lots of our other friends were there as well, and Hannah loved it.

Finally, our kitten has become a tiny little cat - she is such a lovely little cat too 😊.

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