Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Little Bit Of Written Work

This week we've been trying to get back to normal following our visit to Wales to lay my step mum to rest and pack up my dad's house (he has moved down to Hampshire to be with my sister and me). As we are also packing to move house ourselves it hasn't been very normal, but Hannah has managed to do some school work nevertheless.

She worked on her Language Arts book,

Her Math book,

and read a Bible story and painted a picture to go with it on Thursday.

On Friday we joined our friends for History group, where the children learned about another famous Victorian - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. They heard all about his life and work, and, as he is most famous for writing the Sherlock Holmes detective story, they all had a go at being detectives!!

They did secret message writing using lemon juice and vinegar and an iron!

Finger printing,

and disguises!

These are Hannah's finger prints,

and you can just make out her secret message which is a labelled picture of herself and her friend (also Hannah).

 Afterwards they all received certificates which they were very pleased with!

Well Done Everyone :-)


Jessica said...

The Sherlock homes group day looks like a load of fun! There is just something about him:) He is quiet the character!

Fiona said...

The kids in their disguises are o funny.
And I had no idea you were moving. I hope it all goes well and smoothly (as smoothly as moving house ever does!). Don't forget to let us know your new address.