Saturday, 3 November 2012


This year for Halloween we went to Queen Elizabeth Country Park for their Enchanted Woodland activity. There were fairytale crafts in the woodland room to begin with (Hannah made a Rapunzel puppet) , then a tractor and trailor ride up through the woods to the enchanted trail where the children followed a trail of pumpkins and toadstools to the Enchanted Tree. They were each given a ribbon to tie to the tree and make a wish on, before heading back to the woodland centre in the trailor for storytelling.

Hannah in the woods with Pumpkin the bear.
On the trailor with Daddy (and Pumpkin!)

On the trail

Making a wish!
After all that we went to Port Solent Marina to meet our friends and do the Port Solent Trick Or Treat Trail!

The children were given a list of clues to follow leading them around the restaurants where they had to perform a trick to receive a treat! It was really fun!!

Finally, (when it was too dark to take any more pictures) we went to my mum's house with Hannah's friends Lucy and Jack.My mum lives in a cul de sac which really makes a big deal of Halloween, all the houses and gardens are decorated and the children from all around the area have a really fun time trick or treating there.  Hannah, Lucy and Jack crept though spooky tunnels, broke through cobwebs, dodged gooey gloopy plasma trees and collected loads of treats!

We finished off with hot dogs at my mums house! 

Hannah said it was her best Halloween yet!!

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