Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Daily Lessons

We are quite relaxed homeschoolers and mainly child led, but I do try to make sure that Hannah does some maths and some language arts every day to get her started. Sometimes it doesn't work out and we skip a day in favour of a field trip or activity, but today was one of those days where it all went pretty well so I took some pictures!!

In maths, Hannah is learning multiplication and finds her cuisenaire rods really helpful when it comes to the bigger numbers.

In Language arts she is learning about plurals and nouns and practising her writing.

So, how does Hannah like her lessons?

I think that means she likes them!!


Fiona said...

Cute pictures Susie. Hannah always looks so happy.
And it is interesting that you say the Cuisenere rods helpful. I keep looking at these for Sofie (also just starting large number multiplication) and wondering whether they would help or not.

Hmm, I might have to try and pick up a set.

Also I know I have asked before, but where do you get Hannah's English books from?

Sofie starts English in school next year(!!), and I have been asked to provide a separate curriculum for her, as obviously she won't need to start with the basics!

Susie said...

The rods are definitely good for Hannah, they seem to give her a bit more confidence!
We are using the School Zone workbooks at the moment as they are the ones which Hannah has found the most fun to do. I get them from Amazon and she has the Language Arts and Spelling books. This is the one she is using atm! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Language-Arts-3-4-Catherine-Podojil/dp/0887438229/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1361385989&sr=8-2

San said...

The rods are great and Hannah as always looks so happy

San xx

Fiona said...

Thanks Susie - I shall look them up now.