Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday

Hannah has a cold and wasn't feeling very well this morning so we decided to have a day at home instead of going to our home education group. As it is Shrove Tuesday we started the morning with pancakes! I made a big pile of them with fresh lemon and sugar and they were delicious!

Then we read about pancakes and Shrove Tuesday in our lovely Hawthorn Press book Festivals, Family and Food and Hannah wrote about pancake day in her journal.

I love that she drew herself carrying about 100 pancakes, she really likes them!

Then we decided to make a treat for the birds, We made some seed cakes to put on the bird tables in the morning by melting lard and mixing bird seed into it, then we poured it into little cake tins to set.

Hannah diced the lard and added it to the bowl

then melted it over a saucepan of water and added the seed.

she pressed the mixture into the tins

and left them to set!

After lunch we went outside to see what signs of spring we could find in the garden. We found that quite a lot of our plants are blooming already!


Winter Jasmine

Lots of Daffodils are coming up now




And finally, Hannah wrote about her rocking horse Rolfy in her journal and made a Moshi Monsters Magazine.

It was a really good day despite Hannah feeling under the weather!

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