Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Week In Pictures

I haven't been feeling good this week (tonsillitis) so I'm really behind with blogging!
Hannah, still had a busy week though, so here is a pictorial catch-up of what she's been up to!

Crafty Bag Making
Animal Tracking,

Outdoor play with her friends at Inside Outside Group

Introducing Division

Multiplication Practise

Language Arts

Writing Smarts!

Amature Detective Work

Question - Who broke the bird table?

Answer - It was the Magpie!

Culprit caught on camera!!

History Group - Thomas Edison

The children all made Fibre Optic Fridge Magnets

They turned out great!!

Then they all made up their own invention - Hannah drew a rocket powered rocking horse. Her friend Ellen drew a flying vaccum cleaner, and then the girls set about building a non flying version in my kitchen!

And finally, Hannah has been entertaining herself dressing up as a business person and doing jobs around the house.

Here is her business suit (aka my old school blazer and one of daddy's ties)!

Her serious business face

With her business partner - Rosie

Pleeeeeaaase employ me - I make coffee and do ironing - who could resist!!
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