Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bushcraft At Swanick Nature Reserve

On Thursday Hannah attended a bushcraft workshop at Swanick Lakes. We had never been before and discovered that it is a really beautiful place to go walking.

The day started with the children learning about fire and learning how to light their own fires safely in nature. They all used sparkers to light cotton wool after collecting kindling, and made a group fire.

After the firelighting activity the children moved on through the woods to the bug hunting area where they learned about all the different bugs that live in the woods.

Then it was time for lunch!!
The afternoon was all about shelter. The children worked in teams to build the best, most water tight shelter they could.

Hannah worked with her friends Ellen, Rachel and Lucy and with help from Dean and Lucy's mum they made a really good shelter!

Once the shelter was built the teams all crawled inside and the session leaders checked them for watertightness by throwing water over them!!

The girls got a little splashed, but were pretty pleased overall.

Here is Lucy's mum posing in her funky hat.............................just because lol!!

Team Girl posing in front of their den.

Taking a break!

And finally, the whole group after a brilliant day!!

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