Thursday, 11 April 2013

Maths, English, Science and Play!

This week Hannah has been working on her multiplication, division, initials, abbreviations and possessive nouns.

We have been using her cuisenaire rods to illustrate the principles of division as Hannah is definitely a visual learner, and she has managed to work her way up to dividing by 9 this way.

We also did some kitchen science this week. We learned about surface tension and gas expansion.

Hannah poured a dish of milk and then added drops of food colouring.

Then she mixed dish soap with a little water and dropped it into the milk using a cotton bud. The soap broke the surface tension of the milk and made the colours swirl in a tie dyed effect.

We also demonstrated that the volume of gas increases with temperature by microwaving a bar of soap!

Hannah loved that the bar of soap grew rather impressively (it was at least three times it's original size) and turned into a turtle sculpture!!

Of course there has also been lots of play this week with three lovely play dates and a trip to the (very wet and muddy) park. Hannah and her friend Ben were the only children there!

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PrairieJenn said...

What a lovely week! Those science experiments look like fun:)