Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Today Hannah Has......

....been to adventure group and had a lovely time with all her friends in the sunshine,

then, as it was such a warm day we went into town after group and bought some summer clothes which Hannah immediately changed into before heading to Victoria Park to 'explore'!

As well as new clothes there may also have been an enormous Thorntons ice cream!
 Exploring meant spotting lots of new flowers including three colours of Bluebell, blue, white and lavender and a beautiful Magnolia tree.

She has climbed trees,

and hugged trees.

Played in the playground,

and found a tree with 'hair as long as me mummy' !

When we got home Hannah wanted to do something outside, so she took her (vast) shell collection into the garden and made a fairy garden in an old flower tub.

The big shell in the middle is a pool, with a path leading up to it and fairy seats around it. She was very pleased with it !

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Caseybumpinalong said...

Love the fairy garden. And the hairy trees. And the magnolia- not sure I've ever seen one with so many blooms.