Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Waldorf Inspired Kind Of Day

Having seen on a blog somewhere recently that Steiner Waldorf  students have a main lesson book, Hannah decided to make one of her own.
Today she chose an autumn poem from our Festivals Family and Food book, and copied the first verse onto the first page in her book. Then she illustrated it beautifully on the next page in watercolours.

She worked really hard on it and was so pleased with the results. She is going to write the second verse tomorrow and illustrate that as well!

She also did some crafting today. She made acorn fairies with some of the acorns she collected yesterday. To make the body she pushed a matchstick into the base of each acorn, then tied another matchstick across it with cotton to make the arms. Next she needle felted a bright autumn dress around the matchsticks and glued the acorn cap on,

She made a mama and a baby in a conker shell cradle, and then made a conker and sewing pin table and chair. They look lovely on the season table tonight.

Lastly Hannah made a start on another leaf lantern. The leaves weren't sticking so well today so she decided to let the first layer dry over night and finish it off tomorrow!

It was such a nice day, Hannah said she really enjoyed all her crafts and loved working in her new book!

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Elizabeth said...

Isn't homeschooling the best!!??
Peace & Raw Health,
Elizabeth and children