Monday, 25 November 2013

What Hannah Is Learning .............

We use a fairly eclectic mix of tools when it comes to homeschooling. Hannah likes to mix things up, and doesn't often like to sit for too long at one thing. She really enjoys a lot of Steiner Waldorf style activities, loves art and music, and also enjoys traditional style workbooks.

Currently she is working through these books -

and did these pages today -

and has also rediscovered this book -

It's a really great book! It is split into five subjects with three levels for each. The recommended age for level one is 8-9.

This is what Hannah did in it today -

Some of the early activities were a little basic for Hannah, but she enjoyed doing them and the book does build on the activities through the levels, so all in all I'm very happy that she is working through it and having fun with it..

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