Monday, 20 January 2014

A Week Of Mostly Being Unwell !!

Hannah has been ill this week, a nasty winter bug which really knocked her off her feet.
Early on in the week she didn't feel too bad, and she went to her friends 'My Little Pony' birthday party as Twilight Sparkle.

We also did some winter tidying in the garden and cleared some borders and around the apple trees.

The rest of the week was given over to illness and  quiet indoor activities. Hannah did some clay modelling ,

Here is her pony in progress!

and she made pompom pets.

We also had lots of story reading. Hannah is reading 'Alexa The Fashion Reporter Fairy' from the Rainbow Fairy series, and together we are reading the Enid Blyton Mystery Series. Although Hannah is now a really good, fluent reader she still loves being read to, and i really enjoy reading all my old favourites to her.

Finally, after much pondering, we signed Hannah up for Minecraft. She had been showing interest in it for a while, and is so far really enjoying building her world and it certainly took her mind off of feeling so poorly!


Misty Brown said...

Hope she is feeling better. I might have to look into those Enid Blyton Mysteries, they look charming! Take care.

Pixie said...

Hope Hannah gets better soon. I glad you commented on my blog the other day, as now I have finally found yours :)