Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sewing Projects and Dressing Up

On Tuesday Hannah had her friend Tess over for a play date. The girls were watching Minecraft videos on YouTube and decided to dress up as some of the characters they were watching. 

This is Hannah as someone called Amy Lee - hopefully this will mean something to you if you're a Minecraft fan. Unfortunately i am not, so i have no idea who she is but she looks cute!

And this is Hannah and Tess as 'The Nerds' - very nice girls..............................

While the girls were doing their thing, Tess's mum and I made tutu dresses for their American Girl dolls,

Aren't they lovely, and they were so easy to make! Hannah and Tess were really pleased with them.

On Thursday Hannah took her pocket money out shopping and bought herself a 'Make Your Own Rag Doll' kit. She really carefully sewed and stuffed her doll and was so pleased with the results. She has called her doll Daffodil and has been taking her to bed every night.

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The Adventurer said...

Great job hannah on your doll. Loved the make up and the dress up play:)