Friday, 25 July 2014

Paultons Park - Theme Park Trip

This week Dean had a few days off of work, so we booked onto the home educators annual trip to Paultons Park . It was such a fun day! Hannah loved the rides, especially the water rides and Peppa Pig World. She used to adore Peppa Pig when she was younger, and really enjoyed revisiting all the characters and stories.

Here is Hannah riding the dinosaurs in Peppa Pig world,

and here is Dean!!

Oh dear!!
We met up with some friends during the afternoon and rode some of the rides with them,

this was my favourite!!

 and this one,

and the double decker Victorian carousel was lovely.

Hannah also rode the smaller roller coaster with her friend Tess, the astroglide, viking boats, trampolines and played in the water park! It was a completely fun packed day.

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Hannah Bryant said...

it was so much fun!!