Monday, 7 July 2014

Science - Growing Crystals

Hannah received a science kit from her aunt for Christmas last year and has been waiting for the perfect day to use it. The set has all the equipment needed to grow 5 types of crystals - some of them are really fast growing and others take time which is perfect for keeping her interest!

The first experiment Hannah did was to grow a crystal tree - this was effective, the crystals started to grow the same day and two days later she had a beautiful sparkly tree!

She is also making crystals from limestone and vinegar,

This one takes a bit longer but is looking very promising - Hannah was fascinated by the carbon dioxide bubbles coming from the stone!

Lastly she made a salt water solution and is making salt crystals on a paper clip suspended in the solution. She already has small crystals forming and is going to see how large a crystal she can make.

Thanks very much to Auntie Jayne for such a great gift!

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