Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Grandma's 80th Birthday And A Walk In Kingley Vale

Yesterday my mum celebrated her 80th birthday! My sister, Hannah and I went for a morning walk with her to Kingley Vale in West Sussex to see the ancient yew trees and enjoy the countryside. Hannah and I had never been before and really enjoyed it. Hannah loved spotting toadstools and fairy doors in the trees, and climbed to the top of the hill with my sister.
My lovely Mum

My sister and Hannah with my mum

Hannah in the woods!

I see you!

 Amongst the ancient yews.

Hannah and Grandma are sure this is a fairy slide.

Best fairy door of the day.
 In the evening we went to my sister and her partner's house and had a birthday dinner for my mum. My dad and Dean joined us as well so it was a proper family meal.

Have a lovely 80th year Grammy xxx

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