Sunday, 9 November 2014

Random Pictures Of Our Week

As well as having Grammy's birthday this week and soft play with friends on Monday we have been out and about a lot having fun.

On Wednesday we went to see the film 'Planes - Fire and Rescue' as part of the Into Film Festival in the morning, and then went on to the Home Ed meet up at the adventure playground. It was a mild afternoon and the children all had fun playing outside. Hannah loves the huge slide there!

In the evening we lit sparklers in the garden with daddy for Guy Fawkes night. We didn't have fireworks this year as I thought they might be too much for our elderly, blind cat. As it happened the neighbours had plenty so Hannah got to see some anyway!

Thursday saw us shopping for autumn and winter clothes for Hannah - she has out grown almost everything this year. When we got home Hannah told me that she would like to start a nature club, so she went to work designing a poster, t-shirts and badges for the club. She is making a list of activities, locations and people to invite now.

Lastly, we made foam snow.............kind of! Hannah had a lot of fun squirting it around the garden anyway!

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