Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chilly Outdoor Play And Christmas Crafting With Friends.

It has been chilly at the adventure playgrounds this week! So chilly in fact that the water was turned off on Wednesday so there was no channel digging in the sand. Instead Hannah and her friends made the most of all the play equipment.

Today we have been to Hannah's best friend (also Hannah)'s house to make Christmas decorations. The girls have known each other for six years and are really close so they were super excited to spend the day together. Hannah's mum taught them how to make the decorations, including sewing blanket stitch, and they made some lovely tree ornaments.

Afterwards the girls built a blanket fort and camped out inside watching a video while we mums got to chat. It was a really nice day and has made Christmas seem so much closer , so much so that i think we'll put the tree up tomorrow!

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