Saturday, 20 December 2014

The London International Horse Show - Olympia

On Thursday my sister and I took Hannah to London for her first ever visit to Olympia. I have never seen Hannah so excited!

Just arrived

How excited are you Hannah?

 First up was the Santa Stakes show jumping, which was fantastic ( and my favourite rider, John Whitaker won)

Then we had the Kennel Club medium dog jumping grand prix which was lots of fun.

Still pretty excited and loving every minute!
 Next was the Ukrainian Cossacks with their brilliant but nerve racking stunt riding,

and then my favourite part from when I used to go as a child - The Shetland Grand National.

All the jockeys are aged between 9 and 14 and under 5 feet tall.

 The Metropolitan Police Activity Ride was next. They were great and their horses were beautiful!

They took their saddles off while riding jumps!
 The last class was the extreme driving,

followed by the Grand Finale - pantomime characters, Christmas carols, snow and a horse drawn sleigh for Santa.

 After the performance we walked around the shopping village (250 horsey themed shops) and found the Pony Magazine stall. Hannah loves this magazine so she was really happy to find it.
It was a fantastic day. Hannah, my sister and I have decided it is going to be our annual Christmas tradition from now on :-)

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