Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Learning To Wet Felt

At home ed group today Hannah learnt to wet felt! The session was great, run by one of the (super artistically talented) mums at group, and Hannah really enjoyed herself.

 Each child had a square of plastic which they covered with three layers of wool to make the base of the picture,

then they could use any of the beautiful colours of merino wool tops to make their pictures. Hannah chose to make a heart for daddy.

 Once the picture was ready to felt Hannah put some drops of dish soap over the picture, added a little warm water and put the whole thing into a plastic food bag. Then she rubbed and rolled the soapy wool around inside the bag until it felted together.

Once it had felted she took the picture out of the bag, rinsed all the soap out and left in to dry.

It turned out really well!

 We are going to practise some more at home and see what other designs we can make.

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