Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Hannah has been moving on with her grade 5 workbooks this week. She is enjoying the language arts and science very much, but is finding the math a little too advanced. I think we may need to look again at a math plan, but for the time being i'm helping her along with some downloaded fractions and division sheets.

 Language Arts,

 backed up with a very simple experiment.


We have found that the very best way to learn math is practise with something fun, so Hannah baked cookies!
 They were really good!

There was more science today as we have been to the home education group for a session on geology.

One of the dads there is a geologist and he taught the children all about the different rocks, where they come from and what they are made from. The children also got a chance to break up some rocks to see the formation of the flint inside.

Hannah took her crystal collection along and was able to find out what a lot of the different crystals were. She said afterwards that it was a really interesting session.

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