Monday, 1 June 2015

A Fun Week

This week has been all about new birthday things to do and play with, and fun with friends.

Hannah asked for furniture and accessories for her American Girl dolls for her birthday, and we found just the things in a local store who had started stocking Our Generation.  The dolls now have a kitchen, caravan, jeep, tent and horse!
Our Generation accessories for her American Girl dolls.
 Hannah also received a chocolate bar maker which has been very successful,

and she has been building the lego kit which was another birthday gift,

She made a really lovely lego tree house and has instructions for two more buildings and scenes.

We had friends over on Friday and the children played with a multitude of soft toys and (birthday gift) shopkins, and then on Saturday Hannah had a younger friend over who also loves American Girl. They played with the new birthday accessories and their dolls, and then had a pretty cold swim!

And to finish, we had a friendly froggy visitor yesterday evening - isn't he lovely?

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