Saturday, 27 June 2015

American Girl Doll Play And Craft

This has been the longest three weeks with Hannah being poorly. She has secondary sinusitis now and is waking coughing and gasping for breath at night, so our days have been quiet. We are hoping the antibiotics she has now are going to get her on the road to recovery.

Meanwhile we have made the most of the quiet days and had fun with her American Girl dolls, lego and had couple of sunny walks to the park.

We had a cross country horse riding event in the garden,

Grooming and saddling up

Saige rode Free Spirit for the win!

We bought a really big piece of hardboard and made a foldable room scene for the dolls. I cut the board down the middle and hinged the two pieces together using some strong plastic tape. Then cut out window shapes.
Hannah painted the room pink and white, and we made curtains for the window.

Here it is set up as a bedroom, but it works as any room. We need a few more carpet tiles as we only bought two to see if they would work. They do, so Hannah can have a variety of colors to match the furniture.

Granddad collected some Lego building sets from his newspaper which arrived last week, so Hannah spent a day building all 8 sets. She loved them!

And lastly, we went to the park.

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