Thursday, 16 July 2015

Currclick American Girl Club

I think everyone  knows by now that Hannah loves American Girl dolls. She loves the stories and historical characters, the magazines, the online games - everything! So, we are always looking for opportunities for her to expand her knowledge and interests through the dolls. Well, imagine how pleased we were to discover that Currclick has a free American Girl Club! Why did we not know this before?? It's great. Every month she joins an online teacher led session with a number of other girls   (mainly from the US ) to discuss one of the books and complete story related crafts.

This month the book was 'Josefina Saves The Day'. The students are sent out an email in advance of each lesson telling them what the activities will be so they can prepare before it starts, and there are three time slots to choose from so even if you are overseas you can still find a time to join in.

Hannah was emailed a list of questions that the class would discuss for this month, and given the chance to collect items for the crafts which were decorating flower cupcakes and making memory boxes.

The questions were great talking points and really gave everyone a chance to join in. The teacher is very sweet with the girls and makes sure they are all included, reading out and commenting on answers from everyone.

This months questions were -

1. Who are the main characters in this story?
2. Describe the main setting of the Josefina series.
3. Where are they staying and why are they staying there in this story?
4. Who does Josefina meet in this book?
5. Give examples of Josefina’s maturity throughout this story.
6. What do you think is the most significant scene or point in the story?
7. What important decision did Josefina’s family make?
8. Have you ever made an important decision that impacted someone else? What happened?
9. How did Josefina save the day?
10. Which of the Josefina stories that you have read is your favorite and why?

I love that the girls get to relate parts of the stories to their own lives, and really get to think about how they would react in similar situations to the characters, as well as having a glimpse into the life of a 10 year old in 1824 ( in the case of Josefina). 

Hannah during June's session - with a helping hand from Saige!

Working on her memory box during last night's lesson. It was late when we got into the class (10 pm hence the pj's), but totally worth staying up late for!
Finally, here's a link to Currclick for anyone who might be interested - Currclick

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