Saturday, 11 July 2015

Home Educators Marwell Zoo Trip

Every year one of the local home education groups organizes a Marwell Zoo trip for all the home schoolers in the area. The turn out is usually big and this year more than 300 people attended!

Hannah loves the zoo trip, and this year even more so, as she wasn't sure she'd be well enough to attend. She is still fighting off an illness (which has almost definitely been whooping cough) and has good days and less good days. Luckily Marwell landed on a good day.

A Tapir on a mission.

Giraffe on the hill

Sleeping Cheetah

funny looking meerkats

The real meerkats were an adorable heap!

Hannah's favourites were the Cotton-Top Tamarins.

 The mother and father were each carrying a month old twin on their back.

looking for the red panda

and finding him eventually in the tree.
 One of my two favourite sections is the wallaby walk . I love them so much. They were a little bit too far away for a good phone camera picture, but they made me happy!

My other favourites are the tortoise.

and this one seemed to like me too. We had quite a long person/tortoise chat through the glass and he posed for a picture :-)

The lemur also had babies but they were much too quick for a photo!
 We had a break in the flower and herb gardens, which were gorgeous.

Inside the tropical world we saw a West African Dwarf Crocodile,

and outside Hannah has fun on the hippo!

Many thanks to those who organised the trip - I can only imagine the planning and coordination that is needed for such a large scale event, and we really appreciate it.

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