Saturday, 31 October 2015

Currclick American Girl Club - October

This month the American Girl Club book was Kirsten Learns A Lesson by Janet Beeler Shaw which is the second book in the Kirsten series.

Kirsten starts school in America, but she doesn't speak English very well. Miss Winston, her new teacher, is strict and not very understanding. Things get worse when Miss Winston comes to live with the Larson family. Kirsten's only escape is playing with her secret friend, Singing Bird. When Singing Bird suggests running away forever, Kirsten must decide where she belongs. Kirsten does learn some important lessons in school, but she learns something even more important about herself.

Hannah loved the Native American connections in this book and really enjoyed learning a little bit about Sweden (Kirsten's homeland) during the class.

After talking about the book and discussing some of the characters the children did some really fun crafts.

Hannah made a replica patchwork quilt in paper such as Kirsten would have made,

and a buffalo skin native American writing craft.

Currclick American Girl Club can be found here American Girl Club , if you'd like to join in.

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