Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween 2015

 Cool display at the local garden center this year. Hannah doesn't really do scary but I enjoyed it! They had a tunnel set up in store with lots of ghoulish scenes along it.

 Halloween afternoon took us to the marina at Port Solent for a Trick Or Treat pumpkin hunt - much more Hannah's thing. She dressed up as Hermionie Granger  from Harry Potter this year. I actually shopped the school uniform sections for the first time ever! Her Hogwarts robe and tie came from Amazon, and my friend crocheted the Hogwarts scarf and hat for her. I lieu of a basket Hannah collected her treats in her hat :-)

After dark we headed to Grammy's house. Her street is a fun one to trick or treat as most people enter into the Halloween spirit and decorate their houses.

and at home, Hannah carved our pumpkins, a cat and a traditional jack 'o' lantern.

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