Monday, 23 November 2015


Every Thursday since September Hannah has been going to English, math and art classes at the local homeschooling group. She has really been enjoying going, and meeting new people, and has loved the English and art classes. The math class just didn't click with her though, and she started to lose confidence in her ability. The teacher was lovely, and really tried to help, but this week Hannah decided she wanted to try something else instead. She tried biology and was so excited after the class that she just had to swap!

So, now Hannah is doing math at home with me, and English, biology and art with the homeschool group.

Today we did multiplication, number factors and prime and composite numbers.

We are using the spectrum books which seem to suit Hannah's style of learning very well.

Today she also did her biology homework. In class they were learning about the function of the lungs and made a lung model, and she had two worksheets about the lungs as homework.

She also checked over her English class work and finished it for homework.

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