Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The November 'American Girl Club' Session From CurrClick.

Every month Hannah joins in an online American Girl club for homeschoolers through CurrClick. It's late here by the time the class is on, so she often joins in in her pj's - last night she did two sessions online as she enjoyed the first one so much, and didn't finish until 11pm!! 

The book they studied was Kirsten's Surprise.

Since Hannah doesn't have a Kirsten doll she dressed Lanie up in Kirsten style.

 On screen club chat! 

The teacher who runs the class is great and includes all the girls in the discussions. Last night they talked about Christmas traditions, Christmas for the pioneers, the history of Christmas decorations and compared Kirsten's Swedish Christmases to her American Christmas in the book.

There was a recipe for Swedish apple pie posted in advance so we made that for Hannah to have during class, and the craft activity was making a Christmas wreath.

A few craft accessories found their way all over the bed! 

The apple pie was really good!

Hannah's wreath.
The wreath turned out beautifully, and inspired, Hannah made a St Lucia crown in the same way for Lanie.

The American Girl Club can be found here , and here is the main CurrClick site for anyone who is interested in joining in. Hannah has chosen a few other classes she would like to try in the new year as well.

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