Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fishers Farm

This week we had our first visit to Fishers Farm when Hannah was invited by her friend to celebrate her birthday with her there.

What a great place, I can't believe we've never been before!

Hannah loved all the animals, and spent lots of time visiting them with her friend J, they even had a pony ride each.

There was a climbing wall, trampolines, donut toboggans, inflated jumping pillows, tractor and trailer ride, ghost train, go karts, so much stuff to do as well as all the animals. the children all had a fantastic time.


Hannah and S

On the go-kart track

                                         Hannah and J on the trampolines

Hannah and J on the inflated pillows

J - pig whisperer!

 Hannah and J at the pony rides.

Big, big thanks to S for inviting us to her birthday, we had a lovely day :-)

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