Thursday, 1 December 2016

It's December!

The first of December and we woke up to a beautifully sparkly world after a heavy frost last night. Hannah is really excited for Christmas and has started playing Christmas music and decoration spotting.

This week we went into Portsmouth to the home ed group as the activity there appealed to Hannah. It was making Harry Potter wands. They came out really well.

Afterwards we went to meet Dean at the coffee shop and passed the time taking some pictures :-)

The fox is still visiting daily - she comes right up to the French doors and peers in every night! It's hard to get a picture in the dark, but you get the idea!

Yesterday Hannah was at the stables in the morning and ballet in the evening. On the way home from the stables we went by the toy shop in Chichester and found the advent calendar she was hoping for. She said that yesterday was a really, really good day and the best end to November she could have hoped for. Ponies, lego and ballet all on the same day!

Happy December!

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