Friday, 16 December 2016

The London International Horse Show - Olympia

We had such a great day yesterday. Hannah, my sister and I all went up to London to the Olympia Horse Show. My sister bought the tickets as our Christmas present and it was awesome!

We watched the Santa Stakes show jumping,

the Kennel Club dog agility,

the Shetland Grand National (my favourite part of Olympia),

The Portuguese Lusitanos,

and the terrifying extreme driving! Hannah loved the driving and found it really exciting. I watched half of it from behind my hands lol!

Then it was time for the finale with dancing, riding and Santa in his horse drawn sleigh.

After the performance we went around the shopping area as Hannah had some money to spend and was keen to check out the Breyer models. At the Pony magazine stand she discovered that they were selling a book she had been after written by Clare Balding, and Clare Balding was actually there signing copies! They had a lovely chat about riding and the performance we had just watched, and a picture.

It was a really, really good day!

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