Thursday, 8 July 2010

Home Education Field Trip- Marwell Zoo

Our trip to Marwell began with a workshop for Hannah where she learned all about animals appearances - she discovered how some animals have markings to camoflage themselves, while others have bright markings as a warning , she found out about their natural environments, and was able to see a stick insect and a snake close up and even touch them.

Hannah and her friend check out the rats.
answer questions during the animal discussion,
view the (very blurry oops!) stick insect,

Stroke the snake,

and pose together in front of the animal skins.
After the workshop we were free to explore the zoo for the rest of the day. We certainly made the most of it as we were there for 7 hours!!
Hannah and her friends spent the day together viewing the animals and reading all about them, riding on the road train which took us around the park and, of course, playing.............they did lots of playing!!
Here are a few of our favourite animals!

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