Thursday, 15 July 2010

The week so far................

................has been full of rather messy fun !!

On Tuesday Hannah did her morning table time with her grandma, and then baked fairy cakes with her,
In the afternoon we had Archie over and the two of them made muddy puddles in the (still not finished) garden with the hose pipe and then spent the afternoon jumping in them!!!

On Wednesday we went to our home ed group for recycled crafts and Hannah made a ginger tabby cat out of an old juice carton,

and in the evening she helped Dean and I to rearrange and improve the chicken run and coop - this meant emptying and repositioning the composter, moving the huge stone slabs the coop was standing on and digging over the ground..............on the wettest day we've had for weeks lol - we were very, very muddy but the chickens seem impressed!
Well, maybe not that impressed since i could barely get two of them in a picture!!
And finally, today we did some art. Hannah wanted to explore some different paint effects, so she started by painting on wet paper and letting the patterns run in together

That was a big hit and she painted several designs like this, then i had the bright idea of letting her do some paint flicking, well, that was a HUGE hit and after i'd hosed down the patio, table, back wall and windows, we decided the whole thing had been really fun and daddy now has some fab new artwork for his desk at work.

Hannah's paintings drying in the breeze.

Hannah also saw her tutor today and did lots of reading and word games with her, some writing and sentance structure and is looking forward to seeing her again next week.

It's been nice to be finally free from builders and to be able to stay at home this week!

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