Sunday, 25 July 2010

Moving Forward

After two years of 'officially' homeschooling and trying out a variety of styles and theories we have decided that Natural Learning / Unschooling is the way forward for us at this point. I'm not saying we'll do it forever, as everything evolves - wants, needs, personalities etc, but right now, in this space and time, getting back to our roots seems the most important thing we can do. Hannah has been raised in a very hands on, attachment parenting way. She was breast fed until she was 6, co-slept, carried in a sling (and sometimes still is) and grew up in as natural a way as we could possibly manage. But when it came to homeschooling there were so many ideas, so many different approaches, and sadly, so much self inflicted pressure on me to 'fit in' that we lost ourselves along the way,and i regret that. My dream was, and still is, to raise a free spirited, unschooled little girl who loves life and everything in it, who is excited by knowledge because knowledge is freedom, and power, and love, and expression, and is everything she needs to make her world, and her life, her own. I want her to wake up each morning and follow her dreams, to learn through play, and exploration, to go wherever her curiosity takes her, and i want to be right there by her side! So we're saying goodbye to the lessons and workbooks and saying hello to a new exciting passage in our lives starting right now!!!


Fiona said...

I am so happy your family has made a decision about what works for all of you right now.
Is Hannah excited? I can't wait to read all about your adventures along this new path.

Joxy said...

Aye, congratulations :-)

I too can't wait to read all about your adveentures. I lurve unschooling and think, particularly for the early years and primary aged kids, it is a perfect way to learn.

lynn said...

I feel exactly the same as Joxy on this.
We'll be joining you on the unschooling path :)