Friday, 24 August 2012

Blue Reef Aquarium

We have had the most lovely day today! We went to Blue Reef Aquarium with Hannah's friend Melissa, her mum and baby sister. The girls have been wanting to go for a while now and it was completely worth it. Hannah was fascinated, she wanted to know everything and see everything (several times over!), she loved the workshops and asked loads of questions and she and Melissa made a lovely collection of sealife crayon rubbings to take home.

There was mainly no flash photography in the aquarium so the pictures aren't so good, but here's a taster of what we saw!

Doing a Fishy Quiz

Playful Otters

We had a picnic lunch while the girls played in the splash park!

Stroking a Starfish in the Rockpool Workshop

Spider Crab

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PrairieJenn said...

What a great day! We need to visit the aquarium's been a while since we've been. The otters are so cute:)