Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Reading Challenge and Back To (Home) School Workbooks!

Hannah has joined the Summer Reading Challenge at two different libraries this year. One with Hampshire Libraries at Fareham and the other with Portsmouth City Libraries at our local library.

She is really enjoying the books she borrowed from Fareham, rather brilliantly they had a huge collection of pony stories there!

 At the Portsmouth library she chose a selection of books she hadn't tried before and so far her favourite is The Secret Seven!

 If you'd like to read a bit more about the Summer Reading Challenge there is a website all about it here Summer Reading Challenge 2012

Last week I also ordered a few workbooks to get us back to school next month, and they arrive a couple of days ago.
We used the Math grade 2 last year and Hannah got on well with it. The books are short so I was able to add to them with printables and worksheets where needed. I find that suits Hannah's style of learning well so we are sticking with that plan for this year.

I bought Grade 3 Basic Math, Grade 3-4 Language Arts and Grade 3-4 Spelling Puzzles.

A sneak peek at Language Arts

Spelling Puzzles

We are fairly autonomous with our learning style, so Hannah is going to choose some topics she would like to look at and I still need to find some fun science for her to do. Any recommendations anyone??
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