Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Swans, French, Circus Skills and an Olympic Torch!

A bit of a mish mash of things in this post as none of them really warranted their own post!

Over the last few days we have visited the swans and sygnets on Baffins Pond,

Hannah has had her final French taster class, and this week she was brave enough to take part in a cafe role play. Here she is playing the part of the waitress!

And today we have been to The City Museum, where Hannah and her friend Oscar joined in with their 'Out To Lunch' program and learned circus skills

They had heaps of fun trying all the new skills, and were both interviewed by the local paper !

 Afterwards we wandered into Southsea shopping area and discovered that the bank there was raising money for charity by offering the chance to have a photo taken with the olympic torch, so here is Hannah with the torch!!

It was much bigger and heavier than she expected and apparently quite exciting :-)


PrairieJenn said...

I had no idea the torch was so big!

Looks like a fun week:)

Love the new look of your blog!

Fiona said...

Aww, lovely photos - that last one is fantastic.

Lynn said...

Finn would have loved the circus skills! I had forgotten about the events there...'must try harder'!