Monday, 10 December 2012

A Frosty Move!!

We moved house on Saturday!! It is lovely to be out of the city at last with a little garden full of wildlife and a quiet airy street.

Not many pictures as I've been pretty busy - moving house is soooo hectic - but here are a few of Hannah enjoying her new surroundings!

Playing on the icy pond!

Cheeky face through the french doors!!

Playing on the frosty green opposite our house!

This little Bungalow in the middle is our new home!


San said...

Susie it looks just lovely! Looking forward to a guided tour at some point!!

Hugs to you and Hannah

San xx

Jessica said...

The area looks beautiful, very english village almost:) I am sure you will enjoy being there:)

Hagthorn said...

Oooh, it looks lovely! Hope you'll all settle in happily and have a beautiful first Christmas there! x

gina sewell said...

Hi Susie, It is so good to be back online and catch up. I am so sorry to read such sad news with Heather passing away. Give our love to Hannah and your dad too xxx It is lovely to see that you have found a new home though, I know how much you wanted to move and you must be so happy to have a garden, we are very happy for you. It will be really good to keep in touch again, lots of love Gina xxx

Susie said...

Gina, you're back!! I'm so glad :-) Please can you email me . Loads of love S xxxx

Joxy said...

Oooh congrats on the move. Looks lovely :-)

And sympathies for your loss.