Monday, 17 December 2012

Bad Times

This blog is supposed to be all about homeschooling Hannah, and usually it is. But this last month has been hard, so hard that i've really had very little to post about on the homeschooling front.

It started last month when my stepmum committed suicide. My almost 80 year old dad was left alone 300 miles from my sister and I and in not so good health. We went to Wales, packed him up and brought him home. He was, and still is, devastated. The shock of his bereavement caused him to have all kinds of physical problems, and his arthritis meant he couldn't manage the stairs at my sisters house where he was staying. He ended up in the hospital where he is now. During all of this we moved house and Hannah came down with a really nasty virus. The new house is lovely, but it was just an added stress that I could have done without under the circumstances.  We are desperately trying to sort out some sheltered accomodation for my dad and are hoping to move him to a rehabilitation unit this week, I feel terrible that we don't have a room for him with us but our new house is just too small.

I didn't really think things could get much worse right now, but apparently i was wrong, because today my husband became unemployed, it has been hanging over us for 10 days now so finally getting the news was almost a relief............

and that is the last few weeks here in a nutshell - but, tomorrow is a new day and i'm going to make it good for Hannah!

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