Friday, 14 February 2014

A Very Rainy Ride And A Fox

Look who visited our garden one morning this week - isn't he lovely?

Today Hannah had a riding lesson booked and the weather was terrible, really terrible!! But riding school rules are that the ride goes ahead whatever the weather, so here is Hannah, riding in the pouring rain, in a flooded school!!

She said she had fun, and the wet and cold was worth it to be riding so I suppose that's okay then :-)


Lynn said...

Hmmm, more accurately riding school rules are...."We take your money whatever the weather, despite the fact that we quite apparently do not have all weather facilities". Rant over :-p xxx

Jessica said...

Wow, that is one darling little fox!

I can not believe they let riding lessons go ahead in that weather...mud is slippery, if the hose looses footing it's going to be bad for horse and rider:( glad Hannah had fun though!