Thursday, 6 February 2014

An Early Spring Poem

Hannah has been noticing the spring flowers that are gradually coming out now and wanted to put something in her work book to mark the beginning of February, so she painted the flowers she has seen so far, and chose a poem to go with them.

The Song Of The Snowdrop Fairy

Deep sleeps the winter, cold, wet and grey;
Surely all the world is dead; Spring is far away.
Wait! The world shall waken; it is not dead, for lo,
The fair maids of February stand in the snow!

Snowdrop, Daffodil, Crocus and Violet

She found the poem in a Flower Fairies book that I was given for my birthday ( September 1973), and used my 40 year old Ladybird Wild Flower book (January 1974 - my mum wrote the dates received in all my books!) to copy the flowers. Seeing the books that I loved so much as a child now giving my own child such joy is beautiful, it makes me so happy!

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