Friday, 28 February 2014

Lego Mania at Milestones Museum

Yesterday we went back to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke with some of out home educating friends to see the  Lego Mania Lost World Zoo exhibition.

Hannah had a lovely time with her friend 'S' from The Gallivanters, probably the most fun she has ever had at Milestones - it's amazing the difference it makes having a friend to see it all with!

The lego creatures were really good, and each one had a big information sheet alongside it. There was a lego spotters trail to complete, and the children all made their own lego mini figures to take home as well.

(Please excuse the picture quality, the displays were all very brightly lit)

Once we were all legoed out we went around again exploring the historical aspects of the museum. Hannah learned about life from the 1930's through to 1980's - all set out in real life scenes.

Gypsy Bender Shelter

On The Vintage Leyland Bus

"Tickets Please"

The girls checked out the 1940's air raid shelter

And found a way to entertain themselves while imaginary bombs fell!

Inside the car showroom

Hard at work selling cars!

On to the toy shop.

A spot of dressing up!

1940's home

1930's home

Hannah like this one a lot as it was set in the era of her American Girl doll Kit Kitteridge.

Railway worker refueling the train with coal from his cart.

Railway station taxi service.

 Lastly, we were able to purchase old pennies to spend on a wartime ration of sweets in the old confectioners. It was 70 pence for an old penny and that bought a 1/4 ounce of sweets. That would have been a weeks ration in 1944.

The lady serving Hannah her sweets wearing period clothing.
Milestones is a lovely museum, definitely worth a visit or two! More information can be found on the  website here Milestones .


Katie Pybus said...

Lovely photos Susie :) great day.

ourstorysofar said...

We love Milestones and visit every year.