Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Whole Week Catch-Up

I'm doing a big catch-up today after being without my laptop for almost a week, and it's been a really busy week!

Hannah took part in the home-ed yoga session at adventure group on Tuesday,

On Wednesday we joined some friends on a trip to Northney Dairy Farm, where the children learned all about running a dairy, visited the milking parlour, went on a tractor ride around the fields where the farmer grows the crops which feed the cattle , and saw how the dairy makes their own ice-cream.

The little black calf was only three hours old when we visited!

We have been doing some spring watching in our garden, and discovered that the frogspawn had all hatched on Thursday and in it's place we have hundreds of tiny tadpoles! The garden is also bursting with beautiful spring flowers

On Friday we met some friends at the beach early in the morning in the hopes of seeing the solar eclipse, but it was far too cloudy to see anything. Hannah enjoyed some playtime with her friends though, so all was well.

Yesterday was Dean's day off and he really wanted to go to Beaulieu Motor Museum . He and Hannah really enjoy the tv program 'Top Gear' and Beaulieu has a whole Top Gear section as well as the history of motoring, some lovely old vehicles and some cars from film and television. They even have the Ford Anglia owned by the Weasley's in Harry Potter (see the first pic below) and Elvis Presley's Cadillac Seville ( Dean and Hannah pose as Elvis, last pic below)! 

It was a great day out for car fans, and even if you aren't a car fan then the house and gardens are beautiful and well worth a visit.

Beaulieu is in the heart of the New Forest, so on the way home we went in search of wild ponies. Some of them were very friendly and came right up to us to say hello. Hannah was so happy! Most of the ponies are now wearing reflective collars to help motorists to see them on the roads at night.

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