Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Another Week

Still having a few computer issues here, but have managed another weeks worth of activities!

On Monday Hannah and I went to Staunton farm with some friends. Hannah was very taken with the little kids who were frolicking in the sunshine.

Hannah has been riding twice with friends this week, first on Tilly and then yesterday on Coco.

On Wednesday Hannah had her monthly drama class with some other home educated children. No pictures of that as the parents all dropped the children at the theatre and went out for coffee! After drama we walked down to Southsea beach and had a picnic while Hannah collected several gazillion shells to bring home! It was a beautiful afternoon.

We finished our week with a visit to the lovely East Hampshire home education group.
This is fast becoming one of our favourite groups to go to and Hannah looks forward to it each week now. This week was all about weather, with the children creating the water cycle in a bag, a storm in a bottle, and cloud identification wheels (which they then used to identify the clouds over the park outside). Hannah loved the storm in a bottle so much that she has recreated it at home for everyone who has visited us.

So, that was our week, and now we have three weeks off for Easter holidays. We still have lots of fun things planned though, even though the groups are on a break :-)

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