Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chemistry and Physics

We had a great session at our home education group this week. The children all had the chance to do some 'hands-on' chemistry and physics, and Hannah was really excited to join in.

The session covered acids and bases, polymers, surface tension and density.

Lili explaining the science behind the experiments to the children.

 Hannah tried the leak proof bag experiment first and learned about the chemistry of polymers. She managed to put 19 pencils through this bag of water before it started to leak!

 Then we tried out the density experiment - squeezing the bottle forced water into the pipette tube making it more dense and causing it to sink in the bottle. Once you stop squeezing the water leaves the tube and the pipette floats again.

 Hannah tried the surface tension vs gravity experiment,

and then her very favourite experiment - cabbage water chemistry. She got to make a rainbow of colours by testing the pH of various household liquids in cabbage water.

She tested bleach, lemon juice, water, vinegar and baking soda solution.

After the activity it was such a beautiful day that Hannah and her friends ran off to play in the sandy sunshine (and brought more than a little sand home in her clothes!)

Thanks Lili for a great activity.

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