Friday, 13 May 2016

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Today we had friends over for a visit. The children were keen to go out, and it was a beautiful day so my friend suggested a walk around Warblington and Emsworth.

It was so nice there, and Hannah had so much fun.

 Super hero poses at the pond

Splashing about in the stream.

Playing in the woods.

 Getting stuck in the mud on the shoreline.

Fairy clocks

On the way back past the pond we were joined by some friendly cows,

Hannah and Finn spotted lots and lots of ladybirds in the wheat field,

and we saw and heard a skylark.

The children had such a great time that they want to go back again, but for much longer, and with boats!! So they came home and set about designing their own boats to build.

The S.S Twinkle and The Wasp!

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