Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spring Bluebell Ride

On Tuesday Hannah spent the morning at the stables with her friends on a pony morning. She really does love being there, and helping with the ponies, and it is so good for her confidence as she often struggles to do things without me.
 For their ride the girls wanted to ride out as they had heard that the bluebells were out in the woods nearby. Their riding instructor went with them, and she took photo's for me - I'm so pleased she did as it looks beautiful.

Don't they look happy!

It was Hannah's first proper ride out and apparently was the best ride ever. She rode a different pony, one that she has only ridden a couple of times before, and came home declaring that he was absolutely perfect and he is her new favourite pony to ride!!

Meanwhile, my friend Jo and I had a lovely few hours sitting in the sun, chatting over coffee, and enjoying some rare moments of totally adult company.

Big thanks to Jo for the lovely company, and Anna for the gorgeous pictures :-)

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